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Scale downstream processes
Better. Faster. Cheaper.

Our software helps  scale precision fermentation from lab to production quickly, cheaply and sustainably, using computational modelling and AI.

Speed up R&D

Eliminate unviable processes to focus experimentation on high potential options

Lower unit costs

Reduce costs with optimised processes and a clear view of implications of different options

Reduce risk

Predict scalability and costs of different process options, even at early stages of development


Cost & Scale: Hurdles to sustainable alt protein production

Synbio is transforming food production

Precision fermented food emits up to 97% less GHG & uses 99% less water in production vs. animal products.

Production isn't economically viable yet

Precision fermented milk costs 4 times more to produce than animal-derived milk.

Scaling is risky and expensive

90% of syn-bio technologies fail to scale, and 1,000 hours of testing is needed for each process change.

Downstream processing is a core risk to scaling

Most of production cost

Downstream processing (DSP) typically accounts for over 1/2 of alt protein production costs

Unverifiable until late stage

DSP cannot be tested until pilot scale (40L+ volumes) as lab scale mechanisms are different

Hidden complexity

Large variety of approaches, unit operations and variables to understand, tune and optimise

Downstream Process Optimization Software

Our software helps you design and optimise downstream processing pipelines with, so you can get your products to market quicker, cheaper and better.

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Virtual Experimentation

Conduct in silico testing to predict yield and purity for process designs and parameters at scale through computational modelling

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Process Optimisation

Test hundreds of unit operations, orders and parameter combinations to identify optimisation opportunities for targeted experimentation

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Techno Economic Analysis

Estimate production costs and CapEx for each step of your operations for financial planning and to identify cost savings


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