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AI Downstream Process Optimisation Software empowering SynBio innovators to get to market quicker, cheaper and more sustainably.

Data Processing

Scaling bioprocesses for a greener future

From alternative proteins to biochemicals and biomaterials, synthetic biology products are replacing animal and petrochemical products, to transform the sustainability of our supply chains.

However, 90% of these technologies fail to scale viably. This is because R&D is expensive, time consuming and risky, so companies run out of money before technologies are viable, let alone optimal.


That's why we’re empowering SynBio innovators with the tools to get sustainable new biotechnologies to market quicker, better and at lower cost.

Modern Technology for SynBio Pioneers

Using our proprietary technology, we empower SynBio innovators with the tools to get to market quicker, better and at low cost.

Virtually Experiment

Explore 1000s of possibilities without needing physical experiments


Identify key levers to improve yield, cost, quality and sustainability

Techno economic Analysis

Understand the economics of your operations and key levers for change

Continuous improvement

Build your competitive advantage as the AI system learns and improves with past data

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Ready to Accelerate Your R&D?

Contact us today to learn more about how our bioprocess engineering software can help you achieve your goals faster and better.

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